First Beethovenian Experiences

Playing the piano is a task that involves many hours of study and practice, in fact, probably if you genuinely have an interest in this precious instrument, you will never stop learning.

This particular post is dedicated to those who have been playing for some time, and who have gradually ceased to be beginners thanks to their effort and tenacity.

You will realize that the more you progress in your knowledge and piano skills, you will want to learn increasingly complex works, it may be that interpreting Beethoven’s works have crossed your mind. Beethoven, is one of the referents of all when thinking about the piano, not for nothing is considered for more than two centuries as one of the greatest of classical music.

The works of Beethoven, contrary to what you could believe, are not diBeethoven-piano-sonata-no.9-efficult to read, their scores are relatively simple, the challenge of Beethovenian music is the interpretive capacity.

It is a good idea to initiate with sonatas, you could start with No.1 Op2, for example, or with No.9 Op, 14

Beethoven Piano Sonata No.1 was one of the first sonatas of the Austrian genius, although not the first, dates from its earliest interpretive stage (1795). Following the tradition of the time, it consists of four movements.

While Piano Sonata No.9, Op 14, composed in 1798, introduces one of the characteristic labels of innovation of Beethoven Sturm und Drang, and is considered as a Sonata of few difficulties.

You can download  sheet music for beethoven f minor sonata, and Sonata number 9 in E Major and ask your teacher to explain all its implications.

To practice the sonata you must do it slowly the first few times, until you feel more confident. It is said that there is always a speed at which we are able to play perfectly. Practicing a complicated passage slowly allows us to do well from the beginning, thus, making use of muscle memory, hands learn the correct way to do it.

As we automate movements of short and slow passages, we can both increase the length of the fragments we study as the tempo we touch. Muscular memory is useful for everything, but it can really save us when it comes to a fast passage, however, to really be functional, you must pay attention to the following from the first moment:

Fingers: it is important to have clear fingers that you are going to touch and to have your muscles record them from the beginning and avoid changing them. Independent hands: the activity of each hand must be absolutely independent, so if one fails, but the other knows how to follow, it is very likely that the error hand can be reintegrated almost immediately.

About interpreting by memory is possible with Beethoven’s notes, it is important that you start memorizing only one piece for some time until you feel completely safe. When memorizing, it is important to learn each note with all its associated characteristics: height, duration, fingering, articulation, pedaling or phrasing, the more we use, the more confidence you we will get when interpreting from memory

Best Places To Learn Guitar Online

guitar courseAfter our last post on tips for learning guitar, we had a number of requests to provide more information about where you can go to learn guitar online.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the top programs, and hopefully point you in the right direction to get started with your guitar courses as soon as possible!

What To Look for in a Guitar Lesson Course

Firstly, lets take a look at some of the main things you should consider before signing up for a guitar course online.

Video Lessons with Written Materials

One of the important characteristics of any online guitar lesson program is going to be the inclusion of high quality video lessons. Many of the lower quality programs that are out there, through providers like Clickbank, Udemy, and other do it yourself teaching courses, simply don’t have all of the material you need.

Too many include either video lessons or written lessons, but few include both. The reality is, you want your online music lesson to mimic, to the greatest extent possible, what you could get from an in person class or teacher. So why wouldn’t you want videos and accompanying sheet music and exercises to practice?

Play-A-Long Sets

Secondly, all good programs should have some play a long parts of the course. Whether this is because you’re trying to learn an individual song or follow along with a scale exercise, this aspect makes the lesson both more approachable and more realistic to what you might get in a school.

Playing alongside your teacher can help you to better hear mistakes you may be making, and find room for improvement.

Teaching Style

Another aspect to consider is the teaching style of the course. Not every course follows the same flow, and you need to make sure you jibe with the way the material is presented to you.

Most courses offer some sort of free trial or sample course to help you make the decision about what’s right before you purchase the full course.

For example, here’s a sample lesson by JamPlay:

Musical Style

Finally, you need to consider the musical style you want to play. If you’re just starting out, you may not realize that many beginner courses are strongly biased towards one musical or another, and making sure you start out with the direction you want to go with your playing is very important.

For instance, learning to play jazz guitar vs. rock vs. country style music can be completely different, even from the most basic elements of how to hold the guitar and finger basic chords.

Read more about guitar lessons from


Jamplay has long been one of the most reputable places to go to learn guitar online. They offer a number of different guitar courses and lesson programs, which you can get either online or order on DVD.

A great option for beginning and intermediate guitarists, Jamplay doesn’t have a lot of choices for advanced players.

Read the full Jamplay review.


Guitar Tricks is another popular program you might consider. The course follows a clear play-a-long method, and has a philosophy of learning by playing songs you love.

In addition to technical instruction and basic courses on the instrument, they have lessons on over 600 individual songs that are appropriate for beginning, intermediate, and even advanced guitarists!

See more reviews of

I hope this post has helped to point out just a few of the great guitar classes and resources that are out there!

3 Tips for Learning Guitar

Are you a beginning guitarist but don’t know where to begin? If so, this post is for you.

Lots of people want to learn the guitar, but few take the time to do it. Many never get started because they feel overwhelmed with the process. In this post let’s look at a few tips that can help you get through those first few hurdles and on to playing the music you love faster!

Be Patient and Get Help

No one learns any instrument on their own. Even though guitar is one of the most popular “teach yourself” instruments, if you’ve never played before you’re not going to have any references or tactics for how to approach the learning process.

The solution is two fold. You need to be patient and understand that this is a skill that takes time to master. You also should think about finding a teacher or mentor to help you along with the process. While there are a number of websites that have lots of great tips and lessons (, and, just to name a few) there’s still no substitute for sitting down with a real person and getting the information you need on how to finger those chords or scales, or tips for strumming or making the transitions between chords easier.

Here’s a quick starter video to get you going!

Practice Everyday

With that in mind, the second tip is that you need to practice a little bit everyday. This may sound obvious if you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument before, but many new guitarists will play casually and not pick up the guitar everyday.

For instance, many will play for a few hours on the weekend, but then won’t touch the instrument for the entire week! It’s actually much better to distribute the time you practice evenly over the course of the week.

Even if it’s the same number of hours you put in, for example, 30 minutes a day as opposed to 3 1/2 hours every Saturday, then you will get better much faster!

Practice the Basics

Finally, it’s key to remember to practice the basics. That means breaking your practice down into the chords, scales, and strumming techniques you use, rather than just play through songs.

Beginners have a tendency to only want to learn songs, when the reality is that by learning the basics and spending some time each day focusing only on the technical parts of playing the instrument, your repertoire of songs will actually open up much more quickly, since you’ll have more facility with the guitar and will be able to adapt your skills to a wider variety of songs and styles.


Best Acoustic Guitar Hits of the Year

guitar hits 2015Trying to figure out what the top guitar hits of the year have been?

So are we. This category of popular hits is so immense that it can be difficult to narrow down our selection to just a few winners.

To make our job a little (but just a little) easier, we decided to list hits by artist, and pull out who we think are some of the most popular artists right now, rather than narrow it to only songs.

Even with that broader horizon, it’s still immensely difficult, but here are our winners.

Ed Sheeran

We all (I hope) know who Ed Sheeran is by now. What we might not know is that Sheeran skyrocketed to popularity a couple of years ago with iconic hits like Photograph, and has maintained his level ever since.

His appeal comes from his soft, easy voice, and general warmth of character. His middle class upbrining makes him someone that many people can relate to, and I have to argue that his official video for Photograph does wonders towards this end, as he composed the video to include clips of him growing up and learning music.

The result is a portrait of a man who loves his craft, who struggled just like anyone else, and overcame immense odds to work his way up, step by step, to where he is today.

If that’s not a star you’ll love, I don’t know what is.

Check out the video I’m referring to below, or learn how to play photograph guitar chords.

The Deslondes

Haven’t heard of The Deslondes? Neither had I until a few months ago.

This incredible duo is one of the top rising stars in the country world, and has mass appeal because it’s country music for people who don’t always like country music.

Their style has a warm, open, grass-roots flair to it, and is something that has taken the country world by storm, with it’s mix of “traditional” old-time country and New Orleans mixed in! An incredible combination and something you definitely need to check out…in case you haven’t already.

You can download The Deslondes music and more from, or click here for their offical site.

Here’s a great live studio performance and interview with the duo:

Best Disney Piano Songs of 2015!

disneyWe’re committed to providing you the greatest hits in a wide range of categories, from classical to rock, jazz to popular and alternative music.

Today we’d like to take a minute and highlight what are some of the best songs of the last two years, but don’t get a lot of credit by the “hard” music fans out there.

Yes, I’m talking about Disney songs!

Though many adults will never admit it, Disney composers are some of the leading artists of our time. Over the years, they’ve had greats such as Elton John, Paul Newman, and others compose songs for their movies, and we’ve been blessed with a number of timeless classics coming out of their studio, many of which push the boundaries on how to integrate different elements of world music into popular songs that appeal to both children and adults!

When you think about, that’s an amazing accomplishment. Just listen to the opening phrases of Circle of Life, the Lion King classic, to hear how they incorporate a raw African acapella with incredible harmonies!

That’s just one example of a classic that has both musical substance and classical appeal!

And the Winner Is…Frozen!

For 2015, the most popular disney soundtrack goes to Frozen.

Even though this movie came out during the 2013 holiday season and skyrocketed to fame throughout 2014, in 2015 we saw it continue to see incredible boosts in popularity, with no clear runner up coming to replace it!

Frozen has a great soundtrack throughout the movie, and has a wonderful interplay of piano-vocal pieces that rely on the singer’s capacity to carry intricate melodies over pulsing piano accompaniments.

The two top songs from the movie-musical are Let It Go and and Love is an Open Door, with Let It Go the clear winner.

You can download Let It Go piano sheet music or Love is an Open Door piano sheet music free from!

The great thing about both of these pieces is that neither is particularly difficult to play on piano, which makes them immensely popular among their primary target audience: kids! There’s no better way to get a child excited about music than to let him or her learn one of their favorite songs from their favorite movies, and therein lies the secondary genius of the Disney composers, Kristin Andersen Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Take a listen below, or check out the entire Frozen soundtrack from the iTunes store.


Station and Program Updates

To our valued listeners and supporters,

We’re excited to be re-launching our website. While our station never went off the air, our site definitely did, and to celebrate getting back online we’ve got the following programs lined up!

From December 1, 2015, Antenna Music Hitz FM restructures up its program schedule and sets up a musical program with Electro-Urban style to target an audience style trend!

Appointment on December 1, 2015 at midnight for the official launch of the program with the appointment Sign R & B / HipHop / Raggae our exellent DJ Resident DJ Tyron.
music celebration

-> Music Hitz`Blind Test

See you soon on Music Hitz FM, a new program that will allow you to win prizes!
And yes, once a month, Daraprak offers to participate in musical blind test using the DIAL for 3 hours! For this show, you only need your HELMET, YOUR KEYBOARD and be attentive listening to our Internet radio! Gifts will be:

1) 1 free place for UNIGHTED by Cathy Guetta (Stade de France – St Denis)
2) An MP3 player 1G0 worth € 50
3) Headphones PRODIPE PRO 50 with a value of € 50
4) A T-SHIRT as the Music Hitz FM
5) Free Association Membership Hitz Medi @ Music Group for 1 year

Stay tuned on Music Hitz FM and return to this page regularly to not miss the date and time APPOINTMENT!