Best Acoustic Guitar Hits of the Year

guitar hits 2015Trying to figure out what the top guitar hits of the year have been?

So are we. This category of popular hits is so immense that it can be difficult to narrow down our selection to just a few winners.

To make our job a little (but just a little) easier, we decided to list hits by artist, and pull out who we think are some of the most popular artists right now, rather than narrow it to only songs.

Even with that broader horizon, it’s still immensely difficult, but here are our winners.

Ed Sheeran

We all (I hope) know who Ed Sheeran is by now. What we might not know is that Sheeran skyrocketed to popularity a couple of years ago with iconic hits like Photograph, and has maintained his level ever since.

His appeal comes from his soft, easy voice, and general warmth of character. His middle class upbrining makes him someone that many people can relate to, and I have to argue that his official video for Photograph does wonders towards this end, as he composed the video to include clips of him growing up and learning music.

The result is a portrait of a man who loves his craft, who struggled just like anyone else, and overcame immense odds to work his way up, step by step, to where he is today.

If that’s not a star you’ll love, I don’t know what is.

Check out the video I’m referring to below, or learn how to play photograph guitar chords.

The Deslondes

Haven’t heard of The Deslondes? Neither had I until a few months ago.

This incredible duo is one of the top rising stars in the country world, and has mass appeal because it’s country music for people who don’t always like country music.

Their style has a warm, open, grass-roots flair to it, and is something that has taken the country world by storm, with it’s mix of “traditional” old-time country and New Orleans mixed in! An incredible combination and something you definitely need to check out…in case you haven’t already.

You can download The Deslondes music and more from, or click here for their offical site.

Here’s a great live studio performance and interview with the duo:

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