Best Disney Piano Songs of 2015!

disneyWe’re committed to providing you the greatest hits in a wide range of categories, from classical to rock, jazz to popular and alternative music.

Today we’d like to take a minute and highlight what are some of the best songs of the last two years, but don’t get a lot of credit by the “hard” music fans out there.

Yes, I’m talking about Disney songs!

Though many adults will never admit it, Disney composers are some of the leading artists of our time. Over the years, they’ve had greats such as Elton John, Paul Newman, and others compose songs for their movies, and we’ve been blessed with a number of timeless classics coming out of their studio, many of which push the boundaries on how to integrate different elements of world music into popular songs that appeal to both children and adults!

When you think about, that’s an amazing accomplishment. Just listen to the opening phrases of Circle of Life, the Lion King classic, to hear how they incorporate a raw African acapella with incredible harmonies!

That’s just one example of a classic that has both musical substance and classical appeal!

And the Winner Is…Frozen!

For 2015, the most popular disney soundtrack goes to Frozen.

Even though this movie came out during the 2013 holiday season and skyrocketed to fame throughout 2014, in 2015 we saw it continue to see incredible boosts in popularity, with no clear runner up coming to replace it!

Frozen has a great soundtrack throughout the movie, and has a wonderful interplay of piano-vocal pieces that rely on the singer’s capacity to carry intricate melodies over pulsing piano accompaniments.

The two top songs from the movie-musical are Let It Go and and Love is an Open Door, with Let It Go the clear winner.

You can download Let It Go piano sheet music or Love is an Open Door piano sheet music free from!

The great thing about both of these pieces is that neither is particularly difficult to play on piano, which makes them immensely popular among their primary target audience: kids! There’s no better way to get a child excited about music than to let him or her learn one of their favorite songs from their favorite movies, and therein lies the secondary genius of the Disney composers, Kristin Andersen Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Take a listen below, or check out the entire Frozen soundtrack from the iTunes store.


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