Best Places To Learn Guitar Online

guitar courseAfter our last post on tips for learning guitar, we had a number of requests to provide more information about where you can go to learn guitar online.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the top programs, and hopefully point you in the right direction to get started with your guitar courses as soon as possible!

What To Look for in a Guitar Lesson Course

Firstly, lets take a look at some of the main things you should consider before signing up for a guitar course online.

Video Lessons with Written Materials

One of the important characteristics of any online guitar lesson program is going to be the inclusion of high quality video lessons. Many of the lower quality programs that are out there, through providers like Clickbank, Udemy, and other do it yourself teaching courses, simply don’t have all of the material you need.

Too many include either video lessons or written lessons, but few include both. The reality is, you want your online music lesson to mimic, to the greatest extent possible, what you could get from an in person class or teacher. So why wouldn’t you want videos and accompanying sheet music and exercises to practice?

Play-A-Long Sets

Secondly, all good programs should have some play a long parts of the course. Whether this is because you’re trying to learn an individual song or follow along with a scale exercise, this aspect makes the lesson both more approachable and more realistic to what you might get in a school.

Playing alongside your teacher can help you to better hear mistakes you may be making, and find room for improvement.

Teaching Style

Another aspect to consider is the teaching style of the course. Not every course follows the same flow, and you need to make sure you jibe with the way the material is presented to you.

Most courses offer some sort of free trial or sample course to help you make the decision about what’s right before you purchase the full course.

For example, here’s a sample lesson by JamPlay:

Musical Style

Finally, you need to consider the musical style you want to play. If you’re just starting out, you may not realize that many beginner courses are strongly biased towards one musical or another, and making sure you start out with the direction you want to go with your playing is very important.

For instance, learning to play jazz guitar vs. rock vs. country style music can be completely different, even from the most basic elements of how to hold the guitar and finger basic chords.

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Jamplay has long been one of the most reputable places to go to learn guitar online. They offer a number of different guitar courses and lesson programs, which you can get either online or order on DVD.

A great option for beginning and intermediate guitarists, Jamplay doesn’t have a lot of choices for advanced players.

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Guitar Tricks is another popular program you might consider. The course follows a clear play-a-long method, and has a philosophy of learning by playing songs you love.

In addition to technical instruction and basic courses on the instrument, they have lessons on over 600 individual songs that are appropriate for beginning, intermediate, and even advanced guitarists!

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I hope this post has helped to point out just a few of the great guitar classes and resources that are out there!

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