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Station and Program Updates

To our valued listeners and supporters,

We’re excited to be re-launching our website. While our station never went off the air, our site definitely did, and to celebrate getting back online we’ve got the following programs lined up!

From December 1, 2015, Antenna Music Hitz FM restructures up its program schedule and sets up a musical program with Electro-Urban style to target an audience style trend!

Appointment on December 1, 2015 at midnight for the official launch of the program with the appointment Sign R & B / HipHop / Raggae our exellent DJ Resident DJ Tyron.
music celebration

-> Music Hitz`Blind Test

See you soon on Music Hitz FM, a new program that will allow you to win prizes!
And yes, once a month, Daraprak offers to participate in musical blind test using the DIAL for 3 hours! For this show, you only need your HELMET, YOUR KEYBOARD and be attentive listening to our Internet radio! Gifts will be:

1) 1 free place for UNIGHTED by Cathy Guetta (Stade de France – St Denis)
2) An MP3 player 1G0 worth € 50
3) Headphones PRODIPE PRO 50 with a value of € 50
4) A T-SHIRT as the Music Hitz FM
5) Free Association Membership Hitz Medi @ Music Group for 1 year

Stay tuned on Music Hitz FM and return to this page regularly to not miss the date and time APPOINTMENT!